3 Major Reasons To Sell Your Precious Metals Today

Pawn-shopDid you know that you could be sitting on tons of money right now? You may not think about it much, but chances are you’re not wearing all of your jewelry. Millions of dollars’ worth of precious metals are sitting in drawers, collecting dust, and much more. This is something that is absolutely true, and you’re going to find that there’s a lot to this. Think about the many rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other elements that are floating around. Without action, these items are going to just sit there, and will not be productive. Why not give them up? Why not put them to work for you? What can you do? Well, you could focus on selling through a reputable source like cash4jewelrynow.com.

You Can’t Get Paid With Dust Collections

If you have jewelry in your home, you’re going to have dust collecting, it’s just natural. Now, you can’t get any money if you let this be. If you allow your jewelry to just sit around, with no changes, you will not be able to earn on the value. The value may increase, but that value is only viable if you sell through the items. You can’t get paid with dusty elements that are sitting around, you need to take action. By taking action and selling your items, you will get paid fair market value, and will not have to worry about depreciation in value. You could always keep things for sentimental reasons, but be honest with yourself. Are you going to use the items? If you’re honest, chances are that you’re not going to use them, and that’s not a good thing.

Make Money

The number one reason why you would want to sell your metals to cash4jewelrynow.com is that you will get paid. Seriously, you’re going to make money. Right now, if you look at gold, silver, and other metal values, you’ll see that they are at all time highs. They are going to help you gain the upper hand, and get paid. Making money on your metals is a good thing, because you’ll have money in hand. You can’t buy goods and services by giving people gold (at least not yet), so why would you just stockpile it? You could make your money work for you if you have liquid assets, rather than just letting things collect dust and not work for you overall.

Clear Out Your Drawers

PawnAt the end of the day, you’re going to find that you can clear out your drawers. You won’t have to have clutter, you won’t have gold, silver, and other elements that are in place. Clearing things out will no doubt help you gain more space. Just test this option out once, sell your items, and see what room you’ll have. You’ll see that this can end up being a great thing, especially if you’re looking progressing through spring cleaning and more. Clear out your drawers today, and see how much you can make by simply selling through things outright. It will be a good thing.

Finding the right resource is important-

Companies like cash4jewelrynow.com, can help you out. Don’t just sell your items to any resource. Make sure that you go with a good company that will give you high value. This alone will help you out. You’ll find that by going with a reputable source, you’ll get more money, and you won’t have to worry about fees, and additional elements. Test out this option once, and see why so many are starting to give up their items, make money, and clear out their drawers with relative ease. Why not sell, even just a few things? The positives are great.

Visit major pawn website to Learn all About Pawning

What are the things we are doing whenever we urgently need money? Do we sell our appliances or personal belongings? Most of us somehow have experienced or currently experiencing financial problems. It is always a part of our lives. The important thing is, on how we cope with this kind of problem. Some people are selling their personal belongings like jewelries and watches.

Major PawnPawning is one of the ways you can use if you are in the state of financial crisis. With pawning, you will not need to bid farewell with your personal belongings. Pawning involves the process of loaning money in exchange of an item or other properties that will serve as a collateral matter. If the loaned money has been paid at the time stated on the agreement, the item can be repurchased on its initial price with an added interest.

The pawnshop is being defined as a store who offers pawning. The pawnbroker is the person that manages the pawning items and the one who is in the pawn shop. There are several pawn shops you can see in urban areas. You can pick any of them, but you must be sure that you will choose the most trusted pawn shop. You must first make some steps before deciding whether the pawn shop is right for you or not.

The first step you must do before making a decision in pawning your items is do some research. Research is very important in everything we do. We always need to collect pertinent facts about a certain business, for us to be 100% sure that it is legitimate. Do some research about the value of your items? You must check on the internet, the value of your items. This would help you know if the pawn shop will offer an under value for your item or not. You can visit some auction sites in order to validate the current value of your belongings.

Set the lowest price for each of your items, so the pawnbroker will know that you have in your mind the bottom price of your items. The Major Pawn is one of the pawn shops you may consider. We are offering loans that are equal to your items. You may visit major pawn website to know more about our services.

Before planning to pawn your items, you must also clean and polish it. Not all of the pawn shops near you are accepting bad conditions of several items like jewelries and watches. You must prepare your items so they can be in the best condition when you pawn them. With Major Pawn, we are accepting new and used items. Whatever the condition of your personal belongings, we can accommodate all of it. Visit major pawn website to know more about the specific items we accept.

You must also visit several pawnshops to know what they can offer to you. Different workshop has different price offerings. Choose the pawn shop that offers low interest rates. You may also scatter your items at different pawn shops so you can have the best rates from varying shop. The Major Pawn can assist you in this matter. We are offering up to 4 months of pawning or loaning. Our pawn shop offers the lowest interest rates in the city of New York. You can visit major pawn website so we may assist you for your further inquiries.

The last step before pawning your items is to never offer value. The pawn dealer must make the first offer about your items. Never mention any value of the item because the pawnbroker might offer you the half of the price you suggested. Let him tell or ask you about the value of your item. At least, you have in your mind the lowest price you may agree upon.

Visit major pawn website to learn more about our service offerings. All of the decisions regarding your plan to pawn your item are with you.

Which Page is Your Website On?

Have you ever wondered why a certain website is on the top of the list of your favorite search engine? Well, there is a reason for that. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is “the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of the traffic you earn through the organic result in search engines,” says Rand Fishkin. Organic results are the traffic you do not need to pay for.

And there is an algorithm for that. Search engines have a crawler that collects information about web content to build an inventory. And then, with the use of keywords, the data is filtered.

You might wonder how this is relevant to business. You might be enlightened when you ask yourself, “when was the last time you’ve ever gone to Page 3 of your Google search?” This could be the same for your website’s potential visitors. That search engine list could go on and on. Your website can be buried deep within the pages of this list. You need to get your website’s organic traffic from 10 to thousands in weeks using SEO.

Here are some tips on how to build a SEO-friendly website:

1.Keyword Search

Keyword SearchThis is similar to how hashtags on social media organize certain posts and photos. You would have to think of all the keywords that you think is relevant to your website. Think of words your customers would use instead of uncommon, business jargon.

Avoid the general keywords. For example, if you are selling furniture in Chicago, Illinois but generate traffic from people halfway around the country, then you’ve hit a brick wall. Use keywords to effectively filter out other websites.

2.Content Development

One of the best things your website could have is a good layout. Your page could be jam-packed with useful information but if the layout is messy and inappropriate, your viewers may lose interest.

Have a sit down with your web designers and talk about the best way to code your website. Having a good layout would leave a lasting impression on the visitors, much like how what you wear to a job interview leaves an impression on your potential employer. Let it always be a positive opinion.

Apart from the visuals, the content is another factor to generate organic traffic. The content should be exciting and able to reel a reader in and make him stay longer on your website. Avoid “littering” the same content with different URLs. No matter the purpose of your website, each page should have unique and high quality content.

3.On-Page SEO

On-Page SEOTitle tags define the title of your document. They preview snippets of what your page’s content is about. They appear in three places: browsers, search engine results, and external websites. Make sure your title tags are about 50-60 characters.

Your page should also have URLs with appealing structures. The structure of your URLs is necessary because it give importance of relevancy to a certain page.

This is a good example of a URL structure:

And this is a bad example:

Linkable content and anchor texts are also important just in case the reader would want to know more about related content.


Make sure to track and measure your progress to know what to do, and to fix what you should not be doing. There are several companies that offer to set up the analytics for you at reasonable prices. Discover which of your pages has the most traffic and where it is being generated. This could also help you determine which keywords are useful and which ones will serve your purpose.

Remember, the results of optimization may vary. Certain factors that could work for one website may not work so well for other websites. So try to research on tips that could you could use to your advantage. If you seek professional help on the most effective way to build a SEO-friendly website then visit URL, you could never go wrong with getting advice from a SEO consultant.

Custom Embroidered Patches Designs For Teenagers

Custom embroidered patches  are fun and colorful. They are used for various reasons – motivation, fashion, or expression.

Custom embroidered patches help teenagers express themselves. They can put it on their bags, caps, clothes, and even bed sheets.

patches designs

1.    The Hippie Peace Sign

The hippie peace sign is one of the most popular custom embroidered patches designs for teenagers. It is hip, cool, and colorful, too. Teenagers can place this patch on their backpacks or on the binders.

2.    Food

Everyone loves to eat, right? Who doesn’t? So, it’s a cool idea to incorporate food into your patch design. You can incorporate food items such as pizza, burger, sodas, and fries into your design. This will give your patch a laid-back and cool vibe.

3.    Superheroes

Teenagers love superheroes. They love Spider Man, Batman, Superman, Captain America, Super Girl, and many others. So, it’s great to incorporate images of superheroes into the design. Superheroes patches make teenagers feel cool and powerful.

4.    Quotes About Independence

Teenagers are constantly struggling for independence. Teenagers want to express themselves. They want to feel badass. So, you have to bear this in mind when designing custom patches for teenagers. You can incorporate mantras like “too cute to care” or “I don’t care what people say about me”. This will allow teenagers to express themselves through patches.

5.    Cartoon characters

Teenagers are merely kids who are trying to cross the line between childhood and adulthood. So, it’s good to include cartoon characters in your embroidered patch design. You can incorporate the image of cartoon characters such as Sponge Bob, Patrick Star, Johnny Bravo, Hello Kitty, Pink Panther, Power Puff Girls, and Angry Birds into your design. Cartoon character patches are fun, hip, and playful.

6.    Birds

Birds are signs of freedom and hope. They are colorful and they have deep meanings, too. For example, the cardinal represents beauty, vibrancy, and nobility. The eagle, on the other hand, represents self-confidence, strength, and intellectual freedom. The flamingo represents grace, balance, and beauty, while the peacock represents pride and prestige.

You can add jewels into the patches. Patches that has peacock or flamingo designs are attractive, classy, and elegant. On patches4less, you will get interesting patches  designs for teenagers.

7.    Affirmations

Custom embroidered patches can be inspiring, too. It can help teenagers to do well in school and every aspect of their lives. If you want to inspire and motivate teenagers to pursue excellence, you can print the following quotes and affirmations on their patches:
•    I am the master of my life.
•    I can do it.
•    School is cool.
•    Life is beautiful.
•    I am blessed.
•    I’m going to ace that exam!
•    I respect and love my family.
•    I believe in myself.
•    I am strong and I’m going to stand up against bullies.
•    I am brave.
•    Dream big.
•    I am confident.
•    Be hopeful.
•    I’m gonna be a (doctor, lawyer, nurse, businessman, writer) someday.
•    My life is fun.

8.    Random Things

Aside from inspirational quotes, birds, and superheroes, you can also incorporate random things such as coffee, computer, gadgets, and brands into your design. This will give your patch a cool and hip vibe.

9.    Geeky Designs

If you’re designing for geeky and teenagers, you can incorporate chemical signs, the Star Wars logo, and gaming terms into your design. These patches will make teenagers feel that it is okay to be a geek.

Custom embroidered patches are fun, colorful, and trendy. These patches can help teenagers express themselves.

Getting to Know the Materials Used in PCB Fabrication

There are several different materials used in PCB fabrication. The type of material used depends on the end use. Materials widely used include the FR4, standard rigid FR4, CEM-3, prepreg, Kapton, and special materials for Microwave, RF and high speed applications.


The FR4 is among the most widely used materials; the FR stands for Fire Retardant. This material is made from fiber glass with epoxy laminate. Several layers of glass fiber are laminated together. In a 1.60-mm FR4 substrate, there are 8 layers of the material joined together.

PCBMost manufacturers place their logo in the 4th layer during PCB fabrication. Two types of logo are used for the middle layer: red UL94-VO and blue UL94-HB. The red logo is used for newer, more modern materials. On the other hand, the blue logo means that the materials are from the older kinds such as phenolic (XPC) and glass epoxy (G10). Glass epoxy or G10 material mainly used for manufacturing thin watch circuits because holes are easily punched into it.

Standard rigid FR4

This material is specially designed for high density and multi-layered printed circuit boards. This is most suited for surface mounts, direct chip attach, MCM-Ls and for printed circuit boards that will be used for instruments and equipment in wireless communication and auto motives. The many beneficial characteristics of the FR4 is also very suitable in PCMCIA applications and in high volume fine line multi-layered pcbnet fabrication.

The behavior and function of this material is predictable and consistent, which makes processing tremendously easy. The mechanical and electrical characteristics make it user friendly for fabricators and designers of critical types of circuits.


The is an acronym for Composite Epoxy Material, which is very similar to FR4. However, instead of using glass fabric woven together, “flies” type is used. The CEM-3 is very smooth and milky white in color. The characteristics of this material can rival that of FR4. This is heavily preferred by Japanese manufacturers.


This material is made of glass fabric coated with epoxy. Prepreg has 2 main uses. One is as a dielectric in the manufacture of multi-layered PCBs. Another is as part of the raw materials used for FR4.

Materials used for Flex and Rigid-flex applications

Rigid-flex and flex circuit boards are increasingly becoming more popular in PCB fabrication because of the unique applications that these allow. These kinds of boards can be twisted and folded. These can even be wrapped around for tight packaging.

These boards are more popularly manufactured as Kapton, which was developed by the DuPont Corporation. The material is polyimide film-based and has several desirable characteristics. Kapton has great dimensional stability, is resistant to heat, and has a low dielectric constant of 3.6.

There are currently 3 variants of Kapton, namely: Pyralux LF (acrylic based and not flame retardant properties), Pyralux FR (acrylic-based and flame retardant), and Pyralux AP (adhesiveless and used for applications that demand high performance).
PCB materials for applications that involve Microwave, RF and High Speed

These materials were developed in response to the growing need for rapidly functioning circuits and for wireless communication. Typical materials include the following:

(from the Rogers Corporation)

• 5870/5880 series

• 6002/6006series

• 3003/3006/3010 series


• 4003/4350 series
(from Arlon)

• DiClad and CuClad series Park Nelco

• Loss tangent= 0.012

• N4000 series/N5000 series/N6000 series/N7000 series/N8000 series Getek

Hybrid materials

Creating hybrids reduces the cost in PCB fabrication. Hybrid PCB materials are made by combining FR4 with other laminates designed for RF/high speed/microwave. This technology allow for more control in designing the layers while reducing the high cost of FR4.

Author Bio:
Advancements in materials technology gave birth to printed circuit boards that are composed of multiple layers, with each layer having different copper strip patterns so more electronic components can be connected using a single board. For more detail information visit pcbnet.com .

Getting Started: TaylorMade Golf Clubs for Beginners

Did you know that golf has been existent since the 1500s? Way back then, people used a club or stick to hit the pebble around a dune of sand. Only after 2 and a half centuries did the game turn into what we now recognize as golf. By the time it became a competitive sport, they had wooden clubs carved by hand And as time passed by, people incorporated other more durable materials like graphite and steel to their clubs. With TaylorMade being the pioneer of metal woods creation, golf evolved into something much more interesting.

Taylormade golfWith the company’s continuous efforts in innovating TaylorMade golf clubs, more people became at ease acquiring golf equipment from them, especially those who’re just starting out in golf. But even if you know you’re going to purchase from a top-rated company, immediately getting a full set without even knowing what actually fits you as a player is one of the greatest mistakes you could make. This is why it’s important that you first try out a few clubs at the driving range and get a good feel of what’s comfortable for you.

The most basic set of TaylorMade golf clubs you want to start with should include your 3-wood, 5-, 7-, and 9-iron, sand wedge, and your putter. For most beginners, this 6-piece set should be enough to make all shots at their level possible. This will certainly let you play golf and learn a trick or two after a single game without spending excessively over other clubs that you may not even use. A driver is only necessary if you’re going to play in par-5 holes.

You’d likely be using a fairway (3-wood) to begin with. This kind of club is what you’ll use from about 200-350 yards. This is relatively easy to hit with as compared to other club types. The SLDR Fairway is a nice TaylorMade golf wood that allows easy launch given its shallow face. Its “speed pocket” feature, which adds a small cavity at the back of the clubface, is excellent for adding distance to your shots. There is also that Fujikura shaft, which technology is intended to minimize accuracy loss during your shots.

At 200 yards, irons are most useful. The nearer you are to the green, the bigger the iron you need to hit the ball with. SLDR irons are great if you’re unaware of what type of TaylorMade golf irons to buy. These irons also employ the speed pocket technology so you can ensure better shot distances while making the ball fly at higher trajectories. Their classic shape is also something that many find interest in.

Wedges lack the versatility that other club types offer, but these are most helpful in certain conditions, especially when your ball is trapped in the sand. You’d want to use one of these when you’re hitting from 110-130 yards. TaylorMade’s ATV wedge is one of the better clubs for use when you’re trying to slide through the sand or pave your way out of obstacles. Specialist clubs require you to spend a small fortune, which is why this wedge makes for a better yet cheaper alternative.

Landing on the green requires you to use your putter, which normally measures 35-38 in length. There is a wide range of TaylorMade golf putters offered by the company, but for beginners, their “Daddy Long Legs” is what you’d certainly find most appealing. This is because of how forgiving the club can be for high-handicappers. Its grip, which weighs 130 grams, is perfect for counterbalancing the club’s head. This allows it to be a lot more stable as compared to your conventional putter.

The Emergence of Neck Lanyards in Pop Culture

Dating back to the 15th century, lanyards have been part of everyday life. Whether to hold an important piece of identification card, secure a key from getting misplaced, or fire a piece of high-powered artillery – lanyards blended in society and survived generations.

Nowadays, a kind of lanyard is finding success and prominence in popular culture – neck lanyards.

Before being used in the creative ways observed today, these accessories were tapped for utility. The lanyards held important equipment close to the owner so they don’t get lost. It was pretty popular to keep self-defense weapons tied to lanyards beneath pieces of clothing. But more than that, the ingenuity of having a wide array of lanyards to choose from, gave rise to modern utilities.

Logo LanyardsNowadays, the feeling of going out on a walk without a piece of accessory is similar to going out naked. And for those who don’t feel like putting on their jewels, lanyards provide creative options. Crafty ideas popular among teens and young adults made knitting and lanyards a power couple – not to mention the variety of colors and designs available. One can make neck lanyards with beginner kits available in the market.

In one way or another, a person goes to work or attends a seminar wearing a neck lanyard customized specifically for the office or the event. Because of this exclusivity, neck lanyards were also made into official merchandise for shows, concerts and fan clubs. Lanyards made their way into the entertainment scene as promotional materials for movies, stage plays, and concert tours. Lanyards are given-off as prizes and labeled as collector’s items.

A neck lanyard hung on the wall is more than an ID holder. It is filled with memories and stories from different events. And just like the character in the poem “The Lanyard”, neck lanyards of present time are reminiscent of significant memories in the past. The roar of the arena when the baseball team hit a homerun, the cheers heard as an athlete marched through the Olympic parade, the shrieks that filled the air as fan girls enjoyed a musical show – these could be remembered by simply looking at a lanyard.

The versatility of lanyards trickled through modern day activism. Statement shirts have gotten passé as lanyards took over.     Wearing a pink lanyard during breast cancer awareness month or a rainbow-colored one during pride month is enough to make a statement. Organizers have to agree that while the cost in producing a shirt and a lanyard are not in any way close to each other, the significance during cause-driven social gatherings is just the same.

The impact left by wearing an “I support” shirt is just the same as wearing a neck lanyard bearing the same set of words. The minimalist approach presented by lanyards also work to the advantage of pushing advocacies. Lanyards may be worn to work, to school, on a normal day out – basically at any time the user wants to. The way lanyards are crafted nowadays makes them blend well with a group of people’s personality.

Just as ballers were regarded as the new face of campaigning a cause, in recent years, lanyards are headed towards the same direction. The utility that comes with neck lanyards draws the difference. Each person needs a tool to hold small gadgets, keys, and cards, and lanyards has one covered.

There is no telling where popular culture is headed, as the spontaneity of times makes it hard to predict what will emerge in prominence. For an item as simple as a lanyard, it is amazing how it finds a way to affect the lives of people brought up in a digital age. Perhaps, hearts are woven in the same way lanyards are.

Seven Common Pitfalls When Looking for Long Island Homes for Sale

One of the most exciting experiences in life is purchasing your first home. However, it can also be very complex and confusing. Finding a home will also require you to invest most of your time and money. Most first-time homebuyers get entangled with numerous home-buying pitfalls.

1. Not making sure that budget is properly allocated

Knowing how much you can borrow does not necessarily mean that it is already the amount that you should borrow. You need to know what size of loan you qualify for. However, you need to remember that maxing out your mortgage is not a wise financial decision.

home for saleThe amount you should borrow is determined by what lifestyle you want to have and enjoy. Different people have different lifestyles. There are people who spend most of their time at home watching movies or reading a book. There are also people who spend most of the time traveling or doing outdoor activities.

If you are a homebody, spending a considerable amount of your income for home might make sense. If you are a person who spends most of the time outdoor, you might as well allocate a small percentage of your income to your home, since you will need to save the rest of your money for other expenses.

2. Overlooking other expenses

When purchasing a home, mortgage is not the only thing that you need to consider. You also need to prepare yourself as you need to deal with other expenses such as appraisal fees, inspection costs, and all other necessary expenses. You need to remember that moving from your old home to your new place will require money. You will also need to spend some money for remodeling or renovation once you take possession of the home.

3. Not making sure to get pre-approved for a mortgage

Before you start looking for Long Island homes for sale, you need to make sure that you get pre-approved for a mortgage. Doing so can provide you two benefits. First, you would be able to know how much you can spend for your new home. Second, most realtors won’t allow you to bid until you get pre-approved.

Remember that there’s a difference between getting pre-approved and getting pre-qualified. Pre-qualification is a fast and simple process. On the other hand, getting pre-approved will require a lot of time and effort in your part as you need to deal with a lot of paperwork. Getting pre-approved can help you a lot since your offer will stand out if the seller receives many offers from different buyers.

4. Allowing your emotions get the best of you

Most people tend to fall in love with a home at first sight just because it looks good, or it has all the things that they’re looking for in a dream home. However, you should not let your emotions cloud your judgment. You need to make sure that you get the best out of your investment by carefully assessing the property, neighborhood, and return on investment.

5. Being too critical

When choosing a home, you need to carefully asses the property, but not to the point of nitpicking so much. There’s no need for you to put much focus on minor aesthetic issues that can easily be remedied. For example, you can easily repair the walls if you don’t like to color or you can easily replace a torn out carpet. You need to put more emphasis on the overall quality of the property.

6. Taking advice from outsiders

Be always careful about seeking advice from other people. A friend or a relative that doesn’t have firsthand experience when it comes to buying a property in the local market may not understand the market trends in real estate and local pricing. Parents or in-laws who own properties in the suburbs may have different opinions as well as realistic expectations of how much you should spend for a property based in the city.

7. Neglecting the importance of home inspection

Without proper inspection, you might end up purchasing a headache without you knowing it. Home inspection can shed light on the real value of the property that you’re about to purchase. Home inspection can cause several hundreds of dollars, but can be totally worth it if it means saving you thousands of dollars of repair cost just in case you end up buying a wreck of a home.

For most people, a home is one of the biggest investments in their lifetime. Choosing the wrong property to purchase can have a huge impact on someone’s emotional wellbeing and finances. Still, more and more homeowners are taking pride of putting most of their hard-earned money on their property.

Looking for Long Island homes for sale can be very daunting, but is totally worth it as most people consider Long Island as one of the most comfortable areas to live in the US. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned real estate agent, simply stay away from the seven pitfalls mentioned above and you will be in the right track. Once you manage to know what to do, looking for Long Island homes for sale won’t be a much of a challenge to you.

7 Qualities of Good Article Writing

There are two types of people: Those who think they can write and those who think they cannot. The truth is, most of the time people fall on the middle.

Article writerWhy does good article writing matter? The reason is simple. The idea and style reflects the writing’s impact to readers. Text is the backbone of the entire piece (this is overlooked by many readers sometimes). Writers tend to get conscious about the text, since this is where the consistency of style and ideas takes place.

Discussed below are seven qualities of good writing:

1.It must have a reliable editor

Writers get acknowledged for their work, but editors add something else to the whole process. A good editor brings out the best (and sometimes the worst) in writers and even in non-writers. That being said, the best writing is measured by the collaborative effort of the writer and editor.

2.Good article writers shouldn’t be smug

Some writers can be a little sheepish in their job. But just like other achievements in life, the “successful writer” label becomes more meaningful when it’s bestowed upon the writer by others.

3.Good article writing shouldn’t be a reflection what has been said before

According to Mark Twain, here’s how a writer should treat sentences: “At times he needs to indulge himself with longer ones, while making sure there aren’t folds in it.” He also adds that there should be no vagueness and parenthetical interruptions. “When a writer has done with it, the writing won’t be a sea-serpent with half of its arches falling down the water.”

Twain’s point is that a writer should not get hung up from what has been said. He needs to have a unique voice and perspective in order to come up with a good piece of writing.

4.Good article writing is not simplistic

Quality content deconstructs the complexity of a topic to make it easily understood by readers. In writing, “simple” does not necessarily mean “dumbed-down”. Writers assume the reader knows nothing by putting in unique templates or using unfamiliar but interesting sources in their articles. However, they make sure the reader won’t look stupid in the end.

5.Good article writing is like mathematics

This is explainable in two ways: First, good writing follows a structure (or logic) and second, it is integrally teachable – just like mathematics. The writer should control the heavy burden of jumbling thoughts in order to make it easier for readers to grasp on the details. Unlike mathematics, this doesn’t follow a certain formula. But there’s a kind of edifice to adapt it. Keep in mind that good writing requires more logic for both the writer and reader.

6.Good writing often comes from rewrites

Writing requires hard work –true! But coming up with a first draft can be quite nerve-wracking. Nonetheless, what matters more is that the writer get something down to start fragmenting into a material that resembles a comprehensible narrative. As Twain said, “Writing is actually easy. The writer should only cross out the unnecessary words.”

7.The writing anticipates reader questions most of the time

Article writing serves the reader, not the writer. According to Don Murray, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and former professor from the University of New Hampshire, a good article anticipates what questions readers have in mind. “Many writers are natural doubters, most especially when it concerns their work. They uncompromisingly think of what comes from their readers’ viewpoint (e.g. what unusual questions might they have in mind? what kind of experience they will get after reading the article?). In addition, the reader doesn’t necessarily turn the page because of deprivation to applaud”, Murray adds.

Designing your Own Military Coin

Coins have become a big part of the average person’s day to day life. Whether it’s used as change for the laundry – or if you’re an old-fashioned being, a payphone – or for saving up in a piggy bank, coins have played a significant role for a person in today’s world.

For some, there are coins worth collecting and being kept as treasures for their designs and historical values. Some of the most valuable coins can go for tens of thousands of dollars depending on their rarity, date, and / or condition. Collector’s coins can be bought from a range of a dollar to a thousand.

In the last couple of decades, there’s been a growing market on the production of military coins. These coins were formerly made for Armed Service troopers to be used as medallions for identification and alignment with their squadrons. Aside from that, these coins were custom made and given to servicemen for their service during times of war.

military coinsHowever, unlike the time of old, military coins are now more accessible to the public buyers and are now more easily customizable than ever before. A personalized challenge coin could be bought at many different retailers today for a cheap price.

Creating your ideal coin design isn’t difficult anymore with the help of professional graphic designers assisting you in the fruition of your ideas. For example, choosing the right metal that suits you is easy now that all the available options are laid out in the open. You can go for the antique stuff like bronze or brass, or maybe go for classier, more expensive material with gold and silver. Can’t find the right logo you want? That’s where the designers come in to help you draw out the thoughts circling around your head. Be it your spirit animal, your favorite cartoon character, or even a picture of yourself with your whole family, all of that can be put in the coin now for a reasonable price.

There are lots of options to choose from in terms of color, shape, or etchings on your coin. A common sighting for vintage military coins is the insignia in the middle with the name of their organization written in the surrounding area, along with the colors of their banners across the coin. Some put their names or names of people they love to make the coin a bit more personal.

If extra glamour is more your style, then try out adding some double take worthy looks to your coin such as diamond edges to provide that extra bling. If household display worthy is what you prefer, then come up with a big collection and pay for extra packaging for the more special coins. Memorabilia from different towns and counties of old that may have evolved or is gone now; or veteran war medallions account for noteworthy collections, possibly a fortune when you sell it too.

Don’t look down on these military coins for they may be cheap when you get them, but after a while the prices on these things could be a mother load or a jackpot as long as you can find the right collector to sell them to. However, in coin collecting, the value is leaning more towards the fun and emotional attachments you may have with the coins than the monetary amount you may get back from selling them.

And like anything in this world, the history of these coins should be remembered. The first ones who were awarded these tokens earned these for their service, the ones who plan on having their own should bear theirs with pride as well.

Why Would You Want Rubber Bracelets?

Custom rubber braceletsCustom rubber bracelets are a great way to enhance your sense of style, to promote your business and even to increase your awareness about significant matters in the society. These are the most popular advantages that these items can give you. These items are also referred to as rubber wristbands and awareness rubber wristbands.

Rubber wristbands are available in a plethora of options when it comes to colors, shapes and styles. When choosing a rubber bracelet, it is necessary that you consider your purpose on wearing one. It helps a lot in getting the right item for your needs. In addition, you should also be particular about its durability and strength. Another important thing is that it should give you a comfortable fit around your wrist or arm. There are also some rubber wristbands that are worn around the fingers. However, the most in-demand rubber bracelets these days are the custom-made ones.

You definitely want to own a rubber bracelet when you are looking to enhance your fashion sense. With the use of such fashion accessories, you are able to add appeal to your outfit. These items match your clothes and even accentuate them to achieve a more stunning look. If you are frequently on your casuals, these fashion accessories will help to give your casuals a stylish improvement. These days, you can see various creative and attractive types of rubber wristbands worn by a lot of celebrities.

If you are a business owner, you can get many advantages when you use custom rubber bracelets as a promotional tool. These items usually serve as giveaways that are handed to clients and potential customers. Custom rubber wristbands are ideally used when it comes to this purpose. You are free to include anything to the design of the rubber bracelet. Perhaps you can add your company logo and tagline. This is a great way to introduce your business and to increase your visibility in the market.

As your prospects wear these rubber wristbands, you also get the opportunity to reach a larger number of customers. Aside from that, these items can be associated with pride and confidence. When you are confident about your business’ product or service, you also show your customers that you are someone they can trust. Hence, these prospects can actually turn into paying customers. Simply put, you get sales and increase your profit. Another good thing about these items is that they are cost effective. It would be even more beneficial on your part when you choose wholesale custom rubber bracelets as you would probably get discounts.

When it comes to awareness issues including health, social and environmental concerns, rubber wristbands are a powerful way to show your support. For instance, when you wear an awareness rubber bracelet for breast cancer, you are able to connect with the sufferers of the condition. You are also able to help in raising funds for those people. By simply wearing such an accessory, you can express your support and compassion on a global scale.

Men and women of almost all ages are fond of wearing custom rubber bracelets. However, these fashion accessories are particularly in demand among adolescents. As a matter of fact, some brands were extremely popular a few years back, making it possible for companies to sell millions of rubber wristbands to kids worldwide. The popularity of these items is perhaps because of the fact that they are easy to appreciate. They are a fun and engaging items that satisfy everyone.

When choosing a rubber wristband, it is essential that you identify your need first. As you should know, these items can be worn for a number of uses. Increasing your knowledge about these items is a vital way to get the one that will suit your needs and preferences perfectly.


If you are invited to make safety talks, then make sure to know the main objectives of the presentation. Usually this kind of talk takes only around ten minutes, so making sure that you get your message across is important. Your focus is to help workers recognize the hazards of their jobs, the importance of keeping the workplace safe, and the need to master strategies for mitigating risks.

It is your responsibility to deliver a clear, concise, and interesting presentation of topic assigned to you. If you know the subject matter well, your talk will be easier to deliver. If it is somewhat new to you, then you have to do some research and make an outline to ensure the success of your presentation. If you are given the chance to choose your topic, pick one that is relevant to the needs of workers. You can also choose topics based on the present issues affecting the workers’ welfare, like the need for heating equipment during cold season or equipment-related risks that affect them.

safety TalksTo make your presentation more impressive, use tools like pictures or short videos to emphasize important points. Deliver your talk clearly and with impact. Introduce your topic with statistics of accidents or real-life cases that will quickly grab their attention. Here’s another option – if you are allowed to deliver your safety talk at the workplace and you’re near the tools you are discussing, you could go for a hands-on presentation. Remember, you should do everything to start the discussion with the audience listening attentively.

Once the intro is out of the way, let the workers know the importance of your topic in their daily tasks. Make your materials interesting by sharing new ideas and techniques that can make safety seem much more important. You can initiate a brief drill to make them more eager about listening to the rest of your safety talks. It’d also help to ask them about the subject matter to evaluate their knowledge and familiarity with the rules, procedures, or tools they use in the workplace.

An active flow of discussion will build better rapport between you and the workers, making them more receptive to what you are saying. Answer their questions to the best of your knowledge and never give false assumptions. You can also ask them to demonstrate what they learned from your talk. Take note of the pertinent ideas or comments, as every bit of information can be useful in planning your next safety talks.

Finally, give practical tips that workers can follow to make safety a priority in the workplace. Encourage them to maintain good housekeeping by pointing out the perks of keeping the place safe and clean. To help you with that, here are a few common examples that should apply to any industry – dust accumulation is minimized, accidents and risks are kept at a minimum, and stress that’s due to cluttered surroundings never becomes an issue. Also, remind them to report minor problems at once to their department heads or immediate supervisors to avoid more serious setbacks in the long run.

At the end of your safety talks, sincerely give your thanks to your audience. Encourage them to keep in touch if they need further information. You can also give handouts or brochures that can give them more knowledge about occupational safety and at the same time, serve as reminders. Of course, you should not forget about those who invited you to speak in the first place. Aside from showing your appreciation, make it clear that you’re more than eager to talk on their behalf anytime.

Baseball Trading Pins as Unique Gifts for Everyone

Many baseball fans take part in trading pins on top of tuning in to Major League tournaments. Despite being baseball trading pins, these items are also considered as ideal gifts for those celebrating various occasions or milestones in life. In fact, they become unique gifts depending on how the gifter plans to give them out to friends.

Trading Pins as Groomsmen Gifts

Just like their brides, grooms scour the internet or local wedding essential providers for the best groomsmen gifts for those who will take part in the special event. Some men find regular cufflinks as too conventional and too elegant for their taste, making baseball pins as the next best gift for groomsmen.

baseballpinsBaseball pins used for trading are just like any lapel pins. It’s possible to place cufflink attachments behind the piece and convert them instantly into regular cufflinks worn on shirts. A set of groomsmen wearing baseball-themed cufflinks is an interesting sight on wedding days.

Of course, men using this option as groomsmen gifts must find a service provider willing to do the job. Furthermore, additional costs will be paid since the order is quite small and with the cufflink attachment being a special add-on or option for pins. Luckily, such prices are still significantly cheap and gifts are things worth spending on these special days.

Pins as Wedding Favors

Baseball is not limited to men alone. Countless women also tune in to leagues and have their own teams to support. Many of these lucky ladies were able to find their partners in life among the male fans. Having the same interest, they can give out baseball trading pins as unique wedding favors for guests.

Baseball fans planning to use these pins as favors can select the design they want according to their supported teams or players. To make the design more personalized, just like most regular wedding favors, they can ask the pin maker to place their names together with the date and the baseball team’s logo. They can go wild with the design and order the pins in bulk. Pairing them with a good presentation box or package will complete the baseball pins’ appeal as wedding favors.

Remembrance for Relocation

Although relocation is difficult for some, everyone had accepted the possibility of leaving their work or buddies behind. Baseball fans make sure to leave memorable gifts to their friends in the form of baseball trading pins. They choose special pin designs to leave for their friends and they even choose a good packaging option to complete their presents. Special designs can be made by the in-house graphic designers or by the gifter himself.

A Gift for the Next Generation of Baseball Fans

Passing the legacy of collecting and exchanging baseball trading pins is a common practice among baseball dads. They want their children, especially sons, to be exposed early to the sport and to pin trading. Hence, they give them their starter set of pins to start loving the hobby early.

Celebrating the Latest Tournament

Celebrating wins is not only done over drinks or while watching the game. Many baseball fans also order special pins that can be given to friends tuning in on the new game season. With this pin distributed among pals, everyone can show their support while having a new set of pin for their collection.

Overall, baseball trading pins are good gifts for occasions that are not sports-related. Ordering pins with the best designs and attachments make them suitable for all events. They are unique presents that everyone will find interesting and even treasured by those who are into the sport and trading.

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