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In Memory and Honor of Theresa Martin the 2007 EMS OLYMPICS is so named

Theresa Martin 2007 EMS OLYMPICS

The passing of Mrs. Theresa Martin is a great loss to the EMS Community. She was an EMT and EMT Instructor for over 30 years.
She was past president of the Kentucky EMT Instructors Association EMSEK , she was a nurse and was a former instructor at JCC School of Nursing, a former director of nursing at Breckinridge Memorial Hospital and Floyd Memorial Hospital, and was currently a nurse at Caritas Hospital. 

She was a member of New Brandenburg Baptist Church and a former member of the Eastern Star.

Theresa’s passion is her family and friends of which she had many. She was known through out Kentucky for her generous nature and caring spirit. She loved teaching and medicine. She brought into the EMS Community her love of caring and being a family.

Mr. Wayne Martin, Theresa's husband  expressed his thanks for all the donations sent in to the "
Theresa Martin the 2007 EMS OLYMPICS" and what a wonderful way to honor Theresa and her family. The family ask that expressions of sympathy be sent to the Kentucky EMS Olympics.


Theresa Martin
1956 - 2006

Theresa Martin 2007 EMS OLYMPICS

Theresa Martin has been working with the Olympics for over six years. Theresa served in many rolls working with the Olympics. She mostly enjoyed being a patient. She said "I enjoy playing the patient because it made you nervous". 

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you may do so with this information:
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Theresa Martin 2007 EMS Olympics
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Contributors List

Edward and Peggie Hannah
 Columbus Ohio
Faye Rice
 Barbourville KY
Paul and Kimberly Toebbe
 Louisville KY
Dan and Holly Brunner
Indianapolis IN
Eleanor Land
 Indianapolis IN
Judith A Oser
 Louisville KY
Bobby and Betty Manning
Brandenburg KY

Ronnie and Karen Adkisson 
 Brandenburg KY

Union County EMT Association Morganfield KY
Bob and Sandra Fegenbush
Irvingington KY

Shelly D Boerste
 Louisville KY

Boy Scout Troop 133 c/o Robert S Zetzl- Indianapolis In
Susan B. Williamson
 Richmond Hill GA

Sue C Lowing
Coopersville MI

Carol A Fackler
Brandenburg KY
Mr. And Mrs. George Walz
Harned KY

Linda B. Morton
Louisville KY

Bob and Ginny Shumate
 Elizabethtown KY

Wilbur and Susan Zobbe
 Indianapolis IN
Pauletta D Smith
 Louisville KY
Martin and Laura Wilson
Indianapolis IN

Woody Will
Elizabethtown KY

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